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GAF 2020 +1 - EXHIBITION 6x7x20(+1)

The exhibition 6x7x20(+1)

At the end of the trail, the exhibition: 6x7x20(+1) from May 20th to September 10th at the “CSL - Chambre des Salariés de Luxembourg” will be an opportunity to discover the current works of a selection of Luxembourg artists who participated in the Gare Art Festival: Jhemp Bastin, Gérard Claude, Yvette Gastauer, Heather Carroll, Florence Hoffmann, Assy Jans, Anne Lindner, Maryse Linster, Christiane Modert, Nadine Zangarini and Nathalie Zlatnik.


Besides presenting contemporary sculptures, thus linking the past and the present, 6x7x20(+1) is an opportunity to showcase the behind-the-scenes work of creation through archive photos of previous editions, which present many facets of this creative work carried out in situ, by 6 artists over 7 days, for 20 years, in different locations, in the heart of the Gare neighbourhood. Moments of conviviality, mutual aid, sharing and relaxation have been more than present during these last twenty years and have allowed, moreover, to weave a link with the spectators and the inhabitants of the Gare neighbourhood.



Models and casts of the sculptures are also on display, as they are privileged witnesses that inspire reflection on the process of artistic creation.

Finally, the exhibition will provide an opportunity to take a close look at the 20 years of the Gare Art Festival project, which has existed since its inception thanks to the team of passionate volunteers of the Groupe Animation Gare asbl, actors and witnesses devoted to their neighbourhood since the 1960s, and without whom nothing would have been possible.


In addition, a publication will be published, the only witness that will go beyond the exhibition, drawing up an illustrated history of the major stages of the festival, focusing on the small anecdotes as well as the major developments.  Its purpose is to keep a unique trace of these projects, their philosophies and their durability, so important for the intangible and human heritage of a neighbourhood, of a city, which moreover, is in full mutation.


A fifteen-minute documentary film: "Gare Art festival: ces artistes qui sculptent vos étés" (Gare Art festival: these artists who sculpt your summers), signed by didascalie production, directed by Laetitia Martin and produced by Loup de Luppé, retracing the history of an emblematic neighbourhood of Luxembourg that has taken its destiny into its own hands, will be shown at the CSL as part of 6x7x20(+1). The film is structured around three categories of images: archives, interviews and sequences shot in situ during the last three editions, thus drawing up an engaging portrait of those who have marked, sanded, melted, engraved, pierced and above all coloured each of these 20 editions. But if the Gare Art Festival has been able to develop, it is also thanks to the inhabitants of the Gare neighbourhood. Thus, the documentary, with the help of archive images and personal photos, pays homage to those who gave the project a boost.

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